How Are AI Wallpapers Created?

Artificial Intelligence has been around for years, but until recently has largely been limited to mathematical calculations and predictions, including helping to predict the weather (often unsuccessfully!). But recently there has been an explosion of AI tools and software that’s taking over the creative world of art, literature and music.
It has long been thought that AI was largely limited to maths, numbers and logic, and that we humans would always dominate when it comes to the creative arts. But that’s now changing very quickly. Software such as DALL-E-2 and MidJourney have explosed in popularity and publicity because they are achieving what was previously thought to be either impossible, or many decades away: they’re producing original art.
The artwork being created is already of a staggeringly high standard, with one image recently winning a highly prestigious art prize before anyone realised it hadn’t been painted by a human! At the moment DALL-E-2 is available by invitation only, but anyone can sign up to use MidJourney and create their own art. All of the wallpapers on this website were created in MidJourney – and every single image is 100% original art created by Artificial Intelligence.
The way this works is that you tell the AI what image you want using a few basic text prompts. This can also include things like styles and sizes. The AI then produces four sample images, and you can choose one (or more) of these to be upsized to full quality. The final images are then yours to own, for free. You own the copyright and can use them, or sell them, however you wish.

Discover how to create your own AI wallpaper using MidJourney, by visiting our tutorial: